Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Babbles

Jeremy and Emily spent all day together today while I worked. I found it quite amusing that when I arrived home, Emily kept saying "da da da da da..." The "Da" consonant sound isn't anything new for her, but I don't think I've ever heard her repeat it so much or imitate us saying it so easily. Coincidence? Or did she understand that she's been around her "dada" all day today? She also has said "mama" a few times, but not as often. I've definitely noticed increased babbling lately. In the car today, she was content talking to herself in her own little baby language. It is really the most precious and innocent sound ever!

Emily will be 10 mon. old in 10 more days. I feel like my baby has become a toddler. When did that happen? She is really a proficient cruiser as she travels around our coffee table and ottoman. In the kitchen, she is starting to do more cabinet walking and she walks around her exersaucer. She loves to stand up and hold our side door as she watches the world go by in our neighborhood. People walk down the sidewalk, and she waves to them. She gets excited to see the cars drive down the road or the neighbors walking their dog. I don't think our glass door will ever stay clean anymore (not that I worried with it much before...) Jeremy and I have seen her stand for several seconds unsupported. I'm afraid any day now she may start trying to take off walking, but I'm hoping it isn't TOO soon.

Jeremy and Emily both got their haircut again today. (That makes 3x for Emily in less than 10 mon.) I hate to say it, but her bangs are WAY too short and uneven. (I wasn't present for this haircut). I'm trying not to give it a second thought because they will be the perfect length in about a month or less. Luckily, it still looks cute if I sweep them to the side with a bow or pull it back on the sides. I know how fidgety she is so I can't really be surprised about a less than stellar haircut. I'll try to post video of the babbles soon.

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  1. It would be nice to bottle the feeling up.....I would have loved to pour it out about three times during last night at 2 am, 3 am, and 5 am.

    love you friend