Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Emily at Qdoba (5/5/10) enjoying the weather and sweet potatoes.

Well, the Reiss family didn't really celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. Not if that means having Margaritas at El Mundo, but we did manage a trip to Qdoba after work today. The weather is SO gorgeous this week. After being inside all day, I was itching to take a long walk. So, Jeremy, Emily, and I trekked up to Qdoba on Poplar Level Rd. which is probably almost 2 miles one way from our house. We ate outside on the patio and I fed Emily her supper. Emily LOVES to people watch, so she did more staring than eating. It was a beautiful night and it felt great to get some exercise. Emily was such a good girl. Sometimes I just have to squeeze her and tell her, "You're the best girl in the world! I can take you anywhere!" She likes being in her stroller, but this distance is about her limit unless she's asleep. We got home a little later tonight for the usual bedtime routine, but it is 9pm now and I haven't heard a peek for a few minutes....

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