Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cooper Griffth Lee

The Aunts and Cousins!

The New Fam-I-Lee

Holding Cooper for the first time.
Waiting for Cooper!

Emily gained another little cousin on April 11, 2010. Rebecca was induced on Saturday morning April 10th, and it was a long day for her for sure! Cooper arrived Sunday morning at around 2 am weight 8lbs 14.9 oz. (the same weight as Emily!) Jeremy, Emily, and I headed to Bowling Green for the weekend because we couldn't miss the birth day of a nephew! During the early labor time, we visited with Rebecca and Stephen in their hospital room to help pass the time. Later that day, we visited with Memommy Lee and had dinner at Panera. We decided to head back to the hospital after dinner. I had Jeremy take Emily back to Mom and Dad's house because it was getting late, but I was determined to stay for the birth. Stephen and Becca had driven to Louisville very early on the Saturday morning that Emily was born and it meant so much to me that they were there for her birth--especially since my sister was abroad in India and Jeremy's sister was out of state in Texas. I was so happy that at least one sibling was there for her birth. Anyway, even as the night got later, I wanted to be there to know that Cooper and Becca were safe and that he had family waiting for him to be born. That night, we got a peek of the little guy being held by Becca and the next day we went to visit them that afternoon and made some photos.

This past week, we were able to have our first play date with the cousins. On Tuesday, we hung out at Mom's with the kiddos. Emily was 9 mon. old, Hunter 11 mon and Cooper 5 weeks! Emily and Hunter are able to play a little together (Hunter mostly steals away her toys :)) and Cooper mostly sleeps. It won't be too long before Cooper and Hunter are playing better together as the little boys and Emily is left out as the little girl. Hope it makes her stronger! Mom had some fresh strawberries, Sure-Gel, and jelly jars for us to make homemade "Memommy jelly." My batch made 5 jelly jars and Becca and Laura donated an extra one for Jeremy because he is now a HUGE fan of homemade strawberry jelly. (And to think that just a few years ago he thought it was rather odd that I put jelly on my biscuits and rolls instead of butter)


  1. so cute!!! Ahh, the things our husbands change as a result of our influence. Thankfully, I have changed a few things too.

  2. Ha Ha! Cute post! Sorry about Hunter stealing all Emily's toys. I'm sure she'll pay him back one day! :) That was a fun day! I wish we could do them more often.

  3. Thanks Amber. LB, it was a nice relaxing day. We will do it again some time soon.