Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seven Month Old Caleb

Caleb turned seven months old April 23rd. There was no well baby check-up scheduled this month and I didn't bother to take him to get weighed. I guess this is the first month I don't have any "stats" on him! I can tell you that he is now wearing 6-12 mon. and 6-9 mon. clothes. I have put away all of the six month and under clothing. It is hard to believe that we have already filled up a large plastic bin full of clothes that he has outgrown in only 7 months' time!

Hanging with Mom at Emily's Preschool Spring Sing

His sleeping and eating schedules are roughly the same. He normally wakes up once during the night. For the past two nights, he has slept from about 7:30pm-7 am. (Hope I didn't jinx us.)  If I would just go to bed early at 9 or 10pm, I could easily get about seven hours of uninterrupted sleep because it seems like 4 or 5 am is often the time he wakes up at night. But stubbornly, I wait for Jeremy to come up to bed and usually don't go to sleep until 11:30 or 12. I don't know why I do that to myself. I need more sleep!

We started solids when Caleb turned six months old. It took him a good two weeks to "get it." I was almost starting to worry about him and then he started to eat. Initially, he pushed almost everything out of his mouth and was pretty uncoordinated with his tongue. He wouldn't open his mouth to the spoon and often pursed his lips tightly closed and looked away! It was pretty obvious that he wasn't very interested. We tried a number of foods and he frowned and made the most disapproving faces! So, he's only been eating well for the last two weeks and we haven't built up much of a variety yet. He is so cute now as he opens his mouth wide like a baby bird. So far he really likes oatmeal baby cereal mixed with breast milk, apples, pears, peaches, carrots, and sweet potatoes. He has tried avocados and bananas. We are adding green beans and peas this week. For the past two weeks, he has had solid foods twice a day. We will probably add a third solid food feeding this month. I haven't made any of his baby food other than the pureed bananas and avocados. I hope to do a little more of that once Caleb is eating more.

Caleb got his first teeth right at seven months! The two bottom ones came in at exactly the same time.

Caleb is a proficient belly slider! He scoots himself along pretty well if he wants to get to a toy or has some other motivation! It won't be long before he is crawling and we have to put up the stairs gates again. It has been SO nice to not have stair gates for over a year! We finally got out the exersaucer and he loves standing in that and playing with all the toys. He loves swinging at the park next to big sister. That is the only thing they can do at the playground together right now, but I know that will change fast. 

We had a 6 1/2 month photo shoot at Dede Holman's and I'm planning to order those photos this week. 

Caleb started saying "baba" and "dada" this month. His babbling is starting to sound more like actual words.

Dear Caleb,

At seven months old, you are completely charming! You smile when people talk to you. You love our morning walks in the stroller and fall asleep almost every time. You like to play peek a boo, especially with Daddy. You are quick to laugh when we tickle you or play bouncy games with you. We all adore you. Emily fluctuates back and forth between being too rough and being very tender and attentive. I'm hoping that her rough house play will make you stronger.

I'm trying to read to you more. I want you to be as verbal as your big sis. You still spit up on me, but not as often. You got me pretty good today while I was out shopping for Dinkney's birthday gift. Good thing I was still in my work-out clothes which I pretty much live in.

We are having a ball together this spring. We have so much to look forward to this summer. Can't wait to take you swimming at Lakeside! I'm thankful all the time for my sweet son who is healthy, happy, and handsome!



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